Our Mission and Values

Our mission and values provide a strong foundation for the work we do. This framework expresses our priorities in what we will achieve and how we will achieve them.


Our Mission 

Rooted in a deep love and compassion, we commit ourselves to serving children in need, with special attention to those who are medically challenged or in crisis. Our mission is dedicated to providing help – be it monetary or emotionally – to the children in our community.


Core Values

Dedication – We are dedicated to meeting the needs of children and their families who are faced with medical, financial or emotional challenges.

Ownership – We take pride and responsibility in every project or program we undertake and never waiver in our commitment to help the children of our community.

Nurture – We are committed to building relationships with other businesses to partner together to lend a “hand up” to children in need, so that they have the opportunities to grow up and make a difference in our world.

Nobility – We strive to maintain the most noble of goals – to bring comfort and joy to children in need.

Advocacy – We are determined to be a voice for the children in our community who may not otherwise be heard.

Reverence – We affirm, thru our words and actions, that every child has value, talents and special gifts.