Donnar Memorial Inc. has partnered with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent in Indianapolis since 2008. 

The relationship means so much more than just writing checks to the hospital.  While Donnar Memorial Inc. has gifted over $100,000 to PMCH, the charity is involved with the hospital throughout the year.  Donnar Memorial Inc. hosts five parties throughout the year.  These parties are hosted at the hospital (with the exception of the Holiday Party), and give patients an opportunity to do crafts, games, or just play with the toys.  They receive gifts to help pass the time during their hospital stay.  When patients cannot make it to the party…..Donnar Memorial takes the fun to them by dropping off gifts, crafts and activities in their rooms.

In 2014, Donnar Memorial Inc. took on the responsibility of planning and hosting the Annual Pediatric Oncology Holiday Party.  Every patient that is currently in treatment with the Oncology is invited….along with their family.  Patients and their families can enjoy games, crafts, music, photo booths, food and entertainment at the party…..and receive a gift from Santa!  Donnar Memorial Inc. is glad to continue to partner with PMCH for the Holiday Party for years to come.

Also in 2014, The Reindeer Room was dedicated at PMCH.  Funds for this room were raised through Donnar Memorial’s Golf Outings.  PMCH has begun to decorate patient rooms with different themes.  When the time came to select the theme for the Donnar Memorial sponsored room……Christmas and Reindeer were the obvious choice due to the charity being associated with Reindeer Auto Relocation.  The Reindeer Room is decorated in all things Christmas…..a candy cane stripped floor, Santa and his reindeer mural, a list of Santa’s reindeer, and several Christmas items that were donated to the room by employees of Reindeer Auto Relocation.